Saturday, 24 September 2011

Happy Birthday to Us!

One year ago this month, eCPD Ltd ran its very first webinar. Here's an overview of an evolution of our webinars to date.

The Evolution of eCPD Webinars

Our first webinar in September 2010 covered how to start and run a small business in the UK. We had 42 translators and interpreters in attendance of all levels of experience, and our speaker was Vince McLoughlin CTA. For many of our attendees, it was their first experience of a webinar.

Some comments made at the time included "overall, it was 90 minutes well spent", "extremely informative - it would have been a shame to have missed it", "an eye-opener in the fullest possible sense", and "well done, and thank you!".

Since then eCPD Ltd has gone on to run well over 50 webinars with some truly fantastic speakers, including many on behalf of associations such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, the American Translators Association, the Australian Society of Interpreters and Translators, as well as on behalf of other companies and many esteemed colleagues.

A selected list of some of our own webinars include:

Business and finance:

    •    Starting and running a small business in the UK, with Vince McGoughlin
    •    Credit Management for Translators and Interpreters, with Graham Sands
    •    Financial Planning for Freelance Translators and Interpreters, with Alison Lane

IT tools:
    •    IT Matters and PC Security, with Sergei Mouraviev and Julian Holliday
    •    Mastering Microsoft Word, with Hacene Dramchini
    •    Building a Website: The Basics, with Sarah Dillon
    •    Building a Website: Demos of 3 DIY Systems, with Lucy Brooks and Sarah Dillon
    •    Using Corpora in Translation, with Ian Kemble and colleagues

Finding and keeping clients:
    •    Working with Agencies, with Anne de Freyman
    •    Working with Direct Clients, with Helen Robertson
    •    Opportunities for Linguists, with Rannheid Sharma

Specialising in series:
    •    Specialising in Technical Translation, with Noemí Rey García
    •    Specialising in Legal Translation, with Ricardo Martinez
    •    Specialising in Financial Translation, with Javier Gil
    •    Specialising in Medical Translation, with Karin Band
    •    Specialising in Patent Translation, with Charlotte Couchman and Paul Clarke

Sector-specific topics:
    •    A Translator’s Guide to the Pharmaceutical Industry, with Ed Zanders
    •    Subtitling and Subtitle Translation, with Marga Burke
    •    Working as a Literary Translator, with Maia Figueroa Evans
    •    Translating Business Film Material, with Jean Paul Mailhac 

    •    Professional Conduct for Interpreters, with Sue Leschen

Translation skills:
    •    Translation Theory for Practitioners, with Janet Fraser

Our programme for the upcoming year aims to build on what we've seen work. We're also excited about trying new things in our efforts to offer a flexible and affordable programme of professional development for translators and interpreters - no matter where they are in the world.

What other topics would you like to see us cover? Let us know over at our Facebook Page, or email us with your suggestions.

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