Monday, 26 September 2011

Top Ways to Celebrate International Translation Day

The International Federation of Translators encourages marking International Translation Day with activities that "raise awareness among the public of this important function of translators, interpreters and terminologists" and that allow you to celebrate your craft.

Here are our ideas on how to mark International Translation Day on 30 September.
  • Attend a face-to-face event: check the International Calendar of Events (ICE) for training and networking events taking place in your area.
  • Attend an online event: also included in the International Calendar of Events - either leave the "city" search field empty, or choose "the cloud", "online" or "the internet" from the dropdown menu.
  • Write a special blog post: see last week's round-up for inspiration.
  • Replace your computer's background for the day: for example, with a picture of St. Jerome or Kumārajīva.
  • Treat yourself: celebrate your profession's unique attributes with a funky translation-related gift.
  • Get creative: create an clever mug or t-shirt of your own and treat a colleague.
  • Send a card: translation agency WordAccent created a very attractive free e-card for distribution last year, so it might be worth watching their blog again this year. 
  • Send a friend, colleague or client a link to Mox's Blog. Nothing gets the message out about what we do like a little humour. (And why not "like" Mox's Facebook Page while you're at it :) )
Any other ideas? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!