Monday, 12 September 2011

Ideas for Bloggers and Associations on International Translation Day

International Translation Day is on 30 September, and one thing is certain: translation bloggers the world over will be looking for inspiration. To help get the creative juices flowing, here is our round up of blog posts from years past:

Many translators have written about the history of St. Jerome. For example:
  • Yours truly wrote a background piece on International Translation Day in 2007 which included information on St. Jerome (although sadly many of the links mentioned are no longer online).
  • Jill Sommer wrote a detailed post on St. Jerome in 2008.
  • Aquí un artículo con fecha 2008 sobre San Jerónimo para nos lectores hispanohablantes.
  • Last year Transubstantiation added a write-up on St. Jerome (2010).
The theme for 2011 is Building Bridges. Here are some posts that incorporated the theme for their respective years in some way:
  • Corinne McKay encouraged us to thank a terminologist in 2008 (theme: "Terminology: Words Matter").
  • Barbara Jungwirth tied the 2010 theme in with immigrant groups in 2010 (theme: "Translation Quality for a Variety of Voices").
Here are some posts which take an unusual or different take on International Translation Day:
  • Many translators write about an event they attend on International Translation Day. Translation Outpost published a nice post along those lines in 2009.
  • The Tomedes blog linked it with industry news by reporting on Google's new machine translation offerings in 2009.
  • Last year the Translation Guy shared his amusing perspective on the day (2010).
Finally, if you represent an association, you might find inspiration from the South African Translators' Institute who did a good job of applying the 2008 theme to their national issues and got some good press coverage in the process.

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