Monday, 21 March 2011

Specialising in Patent Translation: Webinar Report

Over 65 translators from Japan, Australia, Europe and the US registered to hear Paul Clarke and Charlotte Couchman give us the rundown on specialising in patent translations last week.

These extremely experienced translators explained how patents work, clarified the difference between various kinds of patents including those lodged in English the US and the EU, and outlined the role of translators in the patent-filing process. They also shared anecdotes which gave us a glimpse into the working realities of life as a patent translator.

While most of our live attendees had little or no experience of translating patents, a sizable minority had some experience, and a couple were experienced patent translators in their own right. This range led to an informative and lively discussion in during and following the talk.

Questions focussed on the likelihood of finding work in specific language combinations, such as Chinese and Portuguese, now and in the future. There also were questions on useful resources and specific jargon, and we were delighted to see some of the experienced attendees share their knowledge too. There were so many questions, in fact, that Paul and Charlotte kindly agreed to extend the session to address as many of them as possible.

Thank you to Paul Clarke and Charlotte Couchman for such an interesting and informative session on this niche area of translation.

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