Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Mentoring for Language Professionals

“Mentoring is one of the big differentiators between the people who get what they want and the people who don't.”
Penelope Trunk, serial entrepreneur, author and career advisor.

Who wouldn’t want support and advice from someone who has already been there and come out the other side? Wise words from more experienced professionals can forge a sturdy bedrock for your career, and there are many professional linguists who are happy to give a hand up to newcomers where they can.

Last week, the American Translators Association (ATA) ran a sold-out webinar for translators and interpreters with pointers on finding a mentor, managing a mentoring relationship and tips and suggestions to avoid potential problems. Best of all, attendance was free and open to all.

Experienced translator Courtney Searls-Ridge gave us some concrete examples of activities to ensure that both mentees and mentors benefit from the relationship. She also explained the appreciative inquiry method of giving feedback, and outlined plenty of tried and tested behaviours which increase the chances of a successful mentoring relationship.

All in all, this webinar was a great way to gain new tools and techniques to get ahead in a career in translating or interpreting. Sign up for the eCPD newsletter to get the details of how to access this recording as it becomes available, and to stay informed of more events like this.

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