Wednesday, 30 May 2012

We're Expanding: Welcome to Maia Figueroa!

As readers of our newsletter will know, we've added another member to our management team. Maia Figueroa has been working away behind the scenes at eCPD HQ for a while now, but we're delighted to reveal that you'll be hearing even more from her in the future.

Maia is a well-respected literary and subtitle translator based in Barcelona, with many publications and screen credits to her name.  Eagle-eared attendees will recognise her from last year's very popular webinar on Working as a Literary Translator.

Maia had the following to say about her new role:
"I'm really excited about working with eCPD. Webinars are an excellent solution for flexible translator training, and participating in the organisation of these sessions is an ideal way for me to contribute to our industry from a new perspective. I am looking forward to opening new avenues for eCPD in the Spanish-speaking market too, and to running my own webinars on new and exciting topics for our client base..."

Lucy and I are delighted to be working with Maia, and are certain that our schedule of webinars will benefit enormously from her background and experience.

Onwards and upwards!