Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Working as Literary Translator

Guest post by Rebekka Wellmanns
Maia Evans, an experienced literary translator, delivered this extremely informative webinar on working as a literary translator, addressing a range of issues which are not formally taught to translators. Maia also had some great anecdotes from her own work as a literary translator.

She covered:
  • the profile of a literary translator
  • how to get your foot in the door: some opportunities to take advantage of and methods of approaching work providers
  • time management of large projects: she shared her formula on how to split up your time so as to have enough time to translate, proofread, edit and rewrite
  • proofreading: the importance of proofreading and the stages your work goes through at the publishers
  • literary translation associations: why you should join one and the benefits they offer
  • contracts, rates, copyright and royalties 

Contracts, rates, copyright and royalties were covered in great detail. Maia also spoke about what contracts need to include, industry rates and what you can expect. She also covered different types of rights such as moral rights and economic rights.

Access this webinar on our website. Originally broadcast: 13 September 2011. Duration: 77 minutes, including question and answer session.


Our guest author is Rebekka Wellmanns, a Spanish to English translator with a background in music, linguistics and education. She is also the author of a widely-read translation blog, and tweets at @WellRebekka.