Thursday, 13 October 2011

Little-Known LinkedIn Tips

Here's are some of my top tips for translators and interpreters on LinkedIn, taken from my recent webinar with Philippa Hammond on social media.

Customise your list of website links on your profile
Profile links: Make sure to use all three, even if they are not all your own websites. This is a chance to demonstrate your expertise in a particular area and add value to your colleagues and prospective clients who might be viewing your profile. Browse to Profile > Edit Profile, Additional Information, Websites. Select “other” from the dropdown list, then customise the text - draw people in and get them interested in what you have to offer. Have a specialised glossary on your website? Tips for translation buyers? A guest post on someone else's blog? This is the place to share it.
This is where you change these

Customise the URL for your Public Profile

Share your profile: If you're sharing your LinkedIn profile, remember that the link you want to send people is not the one in the URL bar of your browser. Instead, it's the URL listed in your profile under Public Profile. (And you've already customised this to something catchy under account Settings > Profile, Edit Your Public Profile, right?)

Pull selected tweets into your LinkedIn Status Update field
 Status updates: You can set up your LinkedIn account to make your tweets into status updates. But to avoid bombarding your newsfeed, add "#li" or "#in" to selected tweets to ensure LinkedIn pulls in only the juiciest morsels. Remember that unlike Twitter, the best use of your LinkedIn status is to demonstrate your expertise and educate your connections about your skills, so it's usually a good idea to stick to work related updates.

For more tips and ideas on using LinkedIn and Twitter, contact us to purchase access to our webinar on Using Social Media to Enhance Your Business.

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