Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Make your resumé sing

Last week, the American Translators Association (ATA) ran a great webinar for language professionals on how to get your resumé noticed by translation and interpreting companies.

The speaker, Jorge Ungo, works for one of the largest providers of medical interpreting in the USA, Pacific Interpreters, and has years of experience poring over the resumés of hundreds professional translators and interpreters. So all in all, he was in a good position to be offering advice.

Jorge also distributed a handout in a workbook format, which made it easy to personalise and apply the tips he shared during the webinar.

But one of the things that stood out for me was Jorge’s comment that work providers are looking for committed professionals. They want to see that we are actively involved in our careers, and that translation or interpreting isn’t something we’ve just fallen into willy nilly.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a great way to show work providers that you are a serious professional. Because if you’re not prepared to put time and effort into yourself and your career, why should a work provider? Sound advice indeed.

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